SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's Operating Complex

Societal Governance Organization

Structure of SocietalSystem ( StS )
Societal DataBank and Dynamization Platform
World Societal Deliberative Governance Organization
Connections platform for Own-Domain Sites and related features.


Conception and Construction Platform of a
World Deliberative Societal Governance Organization
thinking model, based on SocietalSystem ( StS ),
to replace, towards 2030, the current techno-mercantilist and partycratic model.

See also:
Person-Planet Alliances
Replacing party-politics by citizens' steered down-up societal crowd-governance.
Among other tasks, executing the societal systemic legislation proposals.

Leadership failure ? History abuses ?
No protests, no accusations, no conspiracies, ...
Open, collaborative, societal-systemic, inclusive, sustainable replacements.
Now proactive citizens recognizing and taking on their co-responsability for the past, present and future,
and start steering, from the e-regional* level, the conception, deliberation
and implementation of a new society system.
e-Regions are geo-territories with a cultural, ecological, economic and adminsistrative coherence.
There are about 12.000 e-regions in the world, to become the key-platforms for societal organization.

Societal Governance Organization Charter
of Key-Considerations, Concepts and Root-Conventions
The world, i.e. the earth and humanity combined, is part of the universal complex, unlimited in time and space.
Humanity only perceives a fraction of its existential complex.
Humanity has an average mental-societal age of a child of 5 years, remarquably smart but unaware of the wholistic environment in which it acts,
and of the consequences
of its local and particular actions. on the whole world and on part of its surrounding cosmic space,
The world has reached its ultimate resilience barrier.
Less than 10 year are left to shift the whole of its thinking and acting. Almost impossible.
SocietalSystem still hopes a number of systemic measures can turn a fatal tide.
The reaction of the world population on the coronavirus death menace gives some hope for unprecedented radical collective switches..
The bulk of the official recovery initiatives, however, dashes major part of this hope.

Last resort seems a double meta-campaign for conscious citizens,
with a middel function in society, to conceive, deliberate and steer a totally new society model.
SocietalSystem Crowd-Research and Construction Program
Global-Local Societal Engagement Network

Essential systemic transition measures, to implement with the highest urgency, include:
* Generalize SocietalSystem-Platform on all global-local geio-territories
GDP > Panergetic Index
* Mercantilist prices > Panergetic prices, salaries, etc.
* Closing stock markets and forbidding all finance speculation
* Closing social media platforms
* Facilitate personal and entities own-domain sites
* Street surveys
* Entities audits
* Property right + responsability

Societal Governance Organization Structures to create

Global: 1
(Sub)Continents: 25
Countries: 200
e-Regions: 12.000
Municipalities: 300.000
Neighborhoods and Villages: 3.000.000+
Parcels - Terrains: Millions
Units:  Billions
( Private Citizens, Families, Groups
and Public and Private Entities


Global Societal Governance Organization WSTSO Structure
00. Global Coordination Platform
Operating Charter, Information System and ICT System
1. WSTSO Operating Departments
 Data  Information Research Administration Training
2. WSTSO Sector Departments
32 Standard Sector Departments - 100s SubSector Departments
1000s Sectoral Sections and Projects

3. WSTSO Geo-Territorial Departments

World - Continents Sub-Continents Fonias Countries
e-Regions Municipalities Neighborhoods Villages Parcels-Terrains

Societal Entities Societal Governance
Co-Responsabilities and KeyTasks

Public Institutions
NGOs Civil Societay
All levels Schools
All categories Media

Individuals and Groups

Operating Platforms for everyone's deliberative intervention
in the governance of society, locally to globally
Personal and Entities Professional Own-Domain Sites
Connecting Platform:

Special Societal Governance Project Proposals,
for Crowd-Research, Theses, Deliberations
United Nations replacement by World Societal Governance Organization proposal 2030
A 'systemic re-engineering' of the world's governance body.
Beyond competing nation-states, now de facto already outdated.
See also: StS-Dossier UN SDG 2030

World Societal Governance e-Resort Project

One place, all Global Governance Entities.
Representations of all major Geo-Territory and Sectors Administrations.
Globally-Locally Triptych 3-Screen Connected.

Technical Outline WSTSO
World Societal Governance Organization ( Project 2030 )
Shortly online

Roadmap towards the creation
of the World Deliberative Societal Governance Organization WSTSO

Survey Societal Organization
What is your vision for the next 10, 20, 50 years of the world, the earth, humanity ?
Per societal sector, per geo-territory ?


All major historic realizations, when started, have been considered utopian, unrealistic and unprofessional,
specially by experts in the field. ( StS )

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

In shocking times, only shocking truths are real,
and only shocking proposals and projects are realistic. ( StS )


Date: 18.08.2023

SocietalSystem ( StS )